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About us

With the ingredients that we use, we take you on a trip through Italy.

Our pizzas are made from athehigh-quality Caputo-00 flour from the manufacturer Caputo, from Naples. The tomato sauce is made from Muttis finely crushed tomatoes, which come from the Parma region. It is a unique product because it is a mixture of finely crushed tomatoes and real tomato juice, which we season ourselves.

pizza cheese
pizza cheese

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If you are planning a lunch, a business meeting, a night out or just a quiet place to rest, our restaurant is the place to visit. You can trust our experience and offers!
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99 KR

Tomato, cheese


Trelleborg special

139 KR

Ham, onions, mushrooms,
kebab meat, fresh tomatoes,
iceberg lettuce, optional dressing

Trelleborg special​

Vegetarisk gorgonzola

119 KR

Mushrooms, onions, peppers, asparagus, artichokes, gorgonzola cheese, olives

Vegetarisk gorgonzola


119 KR



Are you allergic? Ask the staff for more information about the content of the food.

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Beddinge Restaurant & Pizzeria

They all love our food

Our guest's satisfaction is our priority, we enjoy reading your reviews and use them in the best way to make your experience even better for each visit.

"Very good food and an incredibly nice staff. I will come here again soon. Thank you very much!"
- Britt-Inger Oldensparr
"Can really recommend, ate the tastiest pork tenderloin there on Valentine's Day! An extra plus for the chef!"
- Roland Svensson
"Good food and very nice staff ❤👌👌"
- Sado Gojak
"Great food. Great service. Nice staff."
- Kenneth Persson

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